A 2-player immersive space survival game

Our ingenuity as a species has allowed us to persist through the last millennia on solar collection techniques and atomic reconfiguration of our atmosphere. We’ve collected the abundant energy of our Red Dwarf Sun and maintained a livable atmosphere for our species and others, but as our star engulfs the orbit of Earth and begins to die out, we are faced with the most important event in the history of human kind. Our only viable energy source is no more; we must migrate to a new home.

To do so, every remaining planetary body in the solar system has been mined to construct an intergalactic relay pod for each citizen alive today. These pods rely on an entirely theoretical means of transportation, and as such are inherently dangerous vehicles. We cannot guarantee the survival of any individual using this system. Sadly, this is the only chance we have to escape the impending super nova: One WURM per person.

It is only through thoughtful communication with your operator at Base Command that you will make it safely to Gliese 581-c, our new home in a distant solar system. Though we are able to create a temporary wormhole between our base on Europa and the Gliese System, its small size necessitates only a single traveler at a time, and a small window of opportunity.

Base Command will be your eyes and ears as you traverse the unpredictable quantum fluxuations of the artificial wormhole. They will help you to adjust the vital controls of your vessel, including Hyperdrive, Modulation, Particle Splitters, and Oxygen.

Good luck, Pilot.



by Mattias Graham for TAG

Experience the W.U.R.M.